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Cement Plant Modernization & Upgrades and Capacity Enhancement 


Cement production is fundamentally an energy intensive and extreme heat-demanding process which is a significant contributor to climate change and environmental imbalances. Whether as a full blown plant audit or troubleshooting a specific issue in the cement plant, ESS Tech. Eng. provides a variety of energy-efficient and capacity enhancement solutions to its clients considering the energy conservation aspects. The cost estimation and energy-saving effects of each solution provided by us may differ due to the differences of a given cement enterprise or country. So, in each case by making a comprehensive evaluation and audits, a bankable report will show the project size and scope.


ESS Tech. Eng. attempts to address the potential energy conservation options which have a considerable impact on reduction of energy consumption and energy cost in a cement plant.


Plant Efficiency Studies / Technical Audits
We carry out plant efficiency studies, technical audits, bottleneck analysis, trouble shooting and capacity enhancement. Our studies and recommendations improve our Clients’ competitive edge by helping them to achieve better fuel economy and efficient factors.

What we do:

    Assess the current operation of the plant
    Analyze Key Performance Indicators and benchmark them against our database for similar operations
    Identify areas for improvement
    Recommend steps to troubleshoot and upgrade the operation
    Provide a cost-benefit analysis

A plant efficiency study translates into improved productivity and higher profit margins. Our Plant Efficiency Studies include a comprehensive range of studies such as Plant Evaluations, Technical Feasibility Studies, Maintenance and Reliability Studies and Management Consulting.

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