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Energy Saving Systems

We provide wide range of technical services to Our Srvices Contact

We focus on

local and international customers to reduce energy / fuel consumption.

to our customers

Regardless of industry, brands, and distance , we offer Our Services Contact

Equipment and Spare Parts

We supply

Endüstriye, markaya ve mesafeye bakmaksızın birçok kategoride geniş kapsamlı ekipman ve malzeme sağlıyoruz. a wide range of equipment and material procurement services.

in the entire pyroprocess system

We carry out detailed audit, evaluation and heat balance calculations
in the sub-sections of the factory.
Our Services Contact

We carry out energy audit projects

within the scope of energy

conservation solutions.

We focus on Energy Saving Systems and provide wide range of technical services to local and international customers. We also provide our customers with procurement and Equipment & Spare Supply services

Energy Saving Systems

Our extensive store of experience especially with the Cement Industry allows us to successfully provide various technical solutions to our clients in order to minimize energy/fuel consumption.

Equipment & Spare Part Supply

We combine our deep industry knowledge with market knowledge to supply a wide range of equipment and materials across multiple categories regardless of industry, brands, and the distance.

Clinker Coolers

Having great academic and professional background in clinker cooler design, cooler performance audits, and related calculations, we provide bankable engineering and consultancy services to the cement producers.

Rotary Dryers

Whether for new installations or as a retrofit upgrade, we offer a complete engineering service including general layout, 3D / 2D drawings, manufacturing details and all technical and process parameters related to Rotary Dryers.

Providing 100% Satisfaction to the clients is our main Goal

Our Services







Energy Audit of Thermal Utilities in a Cement Plant

ESS Tech. Eng. defines an objective to provide a frame work for executing an energy audit in a cement plant to achieve energy-saving solutions. Such a program is applicable through the related sub-sections by submitting detail audit, evaluation, and heat balance calculations.

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